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Obtaining Immediate Relief For Your Home When Damage Strikes

There is nothing more distressing when your home gets struck by damage, whether it be from an unexpected fire, flood, or storm. When your home becomes damaged by these types of elements, quick action is needed in order to restore it to its proper functions.  S.B. Restoration is a well-established restoration company based in St. Cloud Minnesota who has over 17 years of reputation in their line of work. In addition to servicing homes that have had water and fire damage, they can also help with roofing needs, home remodelling and even new construction.

Benefits of Using S.B

Not only will an adjuster meet you on site and determine the amount of damage that needs to be restored, but they will also write out a comparative estimate for you that you can then compare against the quote given to you by your insurance company. By doing so, you can evaluate the accuracy of the quote, and determine which path is right for you. In addition, S.B will also work with your insurance company after an initial inspection has been done if anything unexpected arises that was not quoted in the initial estimate. Finally, if you do choose to work with the insurance company, S.B will also help you with you claim process from start to finish. This means that if you have any questions about the insurance claim as the restoration is being completed, S.B can help you understand what is going on. This allows you to get the restoration done quickly and smoothly, restoring your home back to the way it was before the damage occurred.

 September 5th, 2015  
 Home Maintenance  
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